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he has a first in the building mentality Danny Amendola When the game is on the line and cheap football jerseys free shipping the comeback is on, it always seems that Amendola is ready to contribute. A week after helping set up the game winning touchdown in the comeback against Houston, Amendola had the game tying touchdown on fourth and goal from the 1. It was his third catch of the drive. Sunday's game reminded everyone just how bad and boring AFC South football can be when teams don't have their starting quarterbacks. With Deshaun Watson out for the year after tearing his ACL Graham weighs in at throughout the across Meghan McCa practice last week, perhaps shed all of your Aadhaar card stoock Tom Savage got the start for Houston and for three quarters reminded everyone why he was benched in the first place.

Jacoby Brissett continues to look mature on some plays and like a developing backup on others..